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    Hi – I’m having a problem with the Flickr widget. I’ve tried checking the FAQ and forum posts and have tried some of the solutions previously posted but they’re not working for me.

    I’ve copied the Flickr rss feed code into the Flickr widget but it’s just showing links (to pictures that have not loaded) that are not mine!

    Can anyone please help? I tried swapping the “@” sign in the rss url to “#” as some posts seemed to suggest, and that didn’t work.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much.




    I have the same problem and did not find that anyone would have answered to this. I also tried reducing the size just in case it was not showing the pictures due to a large size but it did not help.

    Waiting also for an answer.




    It shows “random” pictures only if it is not edited to your flickr rss feed and “saved”. The random pictures is what it shows until it is configured properly. Try editing the rss in the widget again and make sure you save it. If that still doesn’t work, then maybe report this to staff on Monday when they open up again unless they come across this thread.




    Thanks for the prompt responses.

    So, here’s the thing.

    I tried again, and still no luck.

    Then I tried once more. This time, I copied the correct rss url in, and then clicked outside the widget box on a blank bit of screen. The widget box closed and I clicked save changes. This time, it worked.

    So, it looks like:

    *closing the widget box and clicking save changes, or
    * not closing the widget box and clicking save changes

    DON’T work.

    But clicking outside the box and then saving changes DOES.

    Hope this is helpful to anyone else with the same problem.




    I tried that with the Etsy widget, and no matter which way I do it, it still won’t work. anyone have any ideas here as to how I can get my Etsy and Trunkt widgets in my sidebar?



    I responded in your other thread kris. It is best to not post new topics in other threads as it can get confusing :)



    I have no idea either. I can copy and paste the link, but when I try to clik on save, the page locks up. I can refresh the page and re-enter the flickr rss url, but as soon as I click “save changes” it goes nowhere. this hasnt happened with any other widget



    Please help….
    I pasted the feed code from my Flickr photo set into the URL field of the Flickr widget, but all I get is a small box that only lists the titles of my pictures and doesn’t show the actual pictures, instead a get a red cross icon..What’s going wrong here?



    I get the same problem as lex20. The name of pictures shows up, but none of the thumbnails.



    I have the same problem as lex20 and munirsquires. Does anyone know what the deal is?



    I don’t think this is “resolved” at all. I and other users are still having this problem. If we set the feed URL to a photostream, it works. If we set it to a set or collection, it just displays links. Can you fix this?

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