Flickr Widget Only Displays Photo Title

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    I am trying to set up <a href="">my blog</a> with the Flickr Widget and am having an issue. I have added my ‘RSS Feed` to the widget settings. However, all that displays in the widget is the title of the photo and a More Photos link. I looked at the HTML source file and the src attribute is empty in the <img> tag.

    I have tried replacing the @ in the URL with @ as recommended <a href="">here</a>, but that just breaks the link and the widget displays nothing (except the More Photos link and it just points back to my blog).


    Why doesn’t the forums provide a preview feature? Sorry about the messed up links, but at least you can see the URLs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the report. It looks like Flickr has switch from RSS to Atom feeds, which is breaking the widget. We’re working on fixing it.

    In the meantime, if you can find a link to an RSS feed for the flickr photo stream, you should be able to use that. (Flickr’s RSS feeds still exist, which is why old flickr widgets are still working fine, it’s just that they’re evidently no longer linking to them).



    Looks like Flickr has switched back to RSS feed. So everything should continue to work now. I’ve just tested it on my blog.



    On flickr page, View Source, then search for “feed”, you can see two types of feed, RSS and Atom. Make sure pick the RSS feed url, and replace @ with

    &#64 ;

    It definitely works.

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