Flickr widget only for most recent photos in photostream?

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    I’m trying to post thumbnails of my flickr photos in my wp sidebar. I’ve successfully gotten the Flickr widget to work, but it posts my latest photos from my Flickr photostream, which I’d rather not use. I’d rather use a Flickr set, instead. Does anyone know if this is possible? In other words, I’d like to pick and choose which specific Flickr photos show up in my wp sidebar instead of the latest photos from my photostream. Ideas?

    The blog I need help with is



    We can’t answer technical questions without a link to the blog, starting with http, because in virtually all cases the answer depends on the blog. Please either paste it here or link your username to your blog on your Profile page under “Website.”



    Thanks. I’m not an expert on the Flickr widget or Flickr itself, but I believe you put the feed of your Flickr account in the widget and it then works off that. What you might check is if the SET you want has its own Flickr feed, and put that in. Please report back whether that works or not. Many people are interested in more configuration options with that widget.


    This has a little more on what can and cannot be done with the flickr widget: .



    Great, thanks. Note:

    Can I use the feeds of a particular Set?
    Yes, you can. However, doing so will only result in the image titles being displayed within your widget. That is, no thumbnails will display (like when using the feed of your Photostream). This makes the use of sets with the Flickr widget rather unattractive. You can find the feed URL to a particular set by viewing the respective set and following the steps as outlined above.


    raincoaster: Yes, the set does appear to have its own feed. I did try inserting its code into the widget already, and as your following post indicates, just the titles appeared on my sidebar–no thumbnails. I also tried using the text, link, and rss widgets, but to no avail either. This, after spending much time messing with the Flickr badge options, exhaustively ruling them out as well.

    thesacredpath: Thanks for the link. I was looking at that earlier today and then somehow lost it. The last paragraph talks about using “Tag feeds.” I’ll try that right now. I wonder if any has had any success with that?


    SUCCESS! Thank you both for your help!


    You’re welcome, and thanks for letting us know the tags worked. I’ll keep that in mind for the next time this issue comes up.



    Thanks for working it through. I’m sure LOTS of people are going to be interested in this.


    I think the answer is to take the Feed link from the Flickr set you want, and for some reason add “&format=rss_200” to the end of it when you paste it into the field in the Flickr Badge widget. I just did that with mine at and it seems to work fine. I didn’t come up with this on my own–I had a group feed in my Flickr badge and noticed that it had this language at the end of the string while the set string didn’t. Hope it works for you!



    Ah, clever! Thanks.


    Well I left myself a bread crumb trail of screenshots as I went thru the process, so if someone needs the step-by-step, I can come up with that pretty readily…


    schoolfinder72: That sounds great. I’ll probably go back and try it that way too, thanks.

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