Flickr-Widget scattering layout through huge pics

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    I’ve been trying to use the Workaround for embedding Instagram into my blog by using the Flickr-widget. The widget does work in theory – but instead of showing thumbnail-sized images as settings assure me, it shows the original image size, scattering the layout. Anyone any idea what to do about it? I’m using the “Under the influence” layout, and’d rather not have to change it (I tried around: a few rare layouts seem to work well with instagram-through-flickr, but most have the same problem).

    What’s left for me to say: Please, dear, do give us a nice Instagram-embedding-widget, please. :/



    The blog I need help with is



    Okay – while I’d still be glad about an explanation or ideas as to why directly linking an instagram feed shows only the huge images, I now solved it the hard way by getting a flickr account and copying the images there. Works. I’d rather do it differently though :/



    I’m sorry I couldn’t help you but happy to hear you worked this out. Thanks for sharing what you did so others will benefit from knowing what to do. :)

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