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Flickr's new embed with iframe not allowed

  1. I am posting this as a heads up for those of you who embed photos on your blogs using flickr. Today flickr intro'd a new embed using iframes not supported by Here is their announcement:

    Right now the old html code is still available, but you must select it, The new embed is the default, so it is causing some confusion among users who don't realize it. Also in flickr beta, the new embed with iframe is the only option. Whether they will bring back html in beta remains to be seen.

    I don't like the new embed because it superimposes a flickr logo and title of one's photo on the face of the embedded image. I already have my own watermarks so this won't work for me.

    There is a forum discussion of the new feature on flickr:
    I am hoping flickr will continue to offer the html option, or else it will become useless to a lot less useful for bloggers. If you are a flickr user and this matters to you, you may want to let them know.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. sorry for typos!

  3. Yep. Anyone worth their salt can still get the exact URL of a Flickr image by going to View All Sizes and then View Source, but it's a pain.

  4. There are several ways to share flickr photos on and the easiest is still just copying the URL of the photo's page from your browser's address bar and pasting that on it's own line, unlinked in your blog post.

    What worries me is that with the redesign, I no longer seem to be able to share to my sites that I connected my flickr account to. Bummer. Will have to research that.

  5. Flickr's redesign is great for people who want to look at things on Flickr. It sucks for everyone who wants to share photos.

  6. How so, rain? All the sharing options that flickr offered before the redesign seem to be there, with the unfortunate exception of directly blogging to WordPress.

  7. Hi there,

    If you'd like to share and embed photos from Flickr, you can still use the methods described here: Flickr Photos

    Please let me know if you have any questions about that. :)

  8. @rachelmcr- So far it seems that blogging one's photos doesn't currently work if you are using the new flickr Beta.

  9. Woops, sorry about that! Looks like I hadn't activated the Flickr beta properly. Now I see what you mean. I'll give our team a heads up about that, although our developers may wait until the features are finalized (i.e. not in beta) over on Flickr before launching changes on this end.

  10. Yes, please wait till the changes are finalized. Every day brings more changes to flickr! Let's hope they keep the html option, as many users have requested in the flickr forum thread, Then we'll be fine and will not have to deal with workarounds.

    If flickr's redesign makes the iframe embed the only option, then I will upload my images directly to my WordPress blog and also look for a replacement for flickr

    I put watermarks with the name of my blog and copyright notice on all of my personal photos. I don't need or want flickr's text and logo on new embed! The placement would in most cases be directly over my watermark! Plus, I still have a paid account on the new "free" flickr, to ensure an "ad-free experience." Flickr's proprietary "f" logo" on new embed is advertising/branding of my photo. This is just wrong!

  11. Here is the way flickr's new embed feature looks on a test post which a photographer did on his blog. Obviously it is a blog since he was able to embed the iframe. As you can see it "flickr" has branded their name on the bottom right of the image.

  12. Sorry I meant obviously it is NOT a blog

  13. Well, this morning has brought a new permutation of the flickr embed.

    The image that I oembedded (copy link from browser address bar and paste into post unlinked on its own line) in my yesterday's "flickr woes" post has magically turned into a flickr watermarked image, but only on mouseover.

    Sadly all my flickr slideshow oembed sets are now AWOL.

  14. @justjennifer - We're working with Flickr to update our code so it's compatible with the changes they are making, so you may see some changes to previously embedded photos. Could you send me a link to one of your Flickr slideshow oembed sets that isn't working? Our team can take a look.

  15. Send as in post or send as in send?

  16. Sorry, I meant send as in post the link. :) But you can email it if you don't want to post it here. Thanks!

  17. No worries. Here's one and here's another one.

    The thing being that the flickr slideshow embed via oembed was never "officially" supported by, although it worked right up until this latest flickr iteration.

    I find the flickr error message a bit amusing given that no iframe is involved. Check out the related links in those messages.

    Everything that flickr offers as an alternative does use an iframe.

  18. Thanks, justjennifer! I've asked our developers to look into that, to see if it's something we can support.

    The team looked at the issue with blogging your photos and it's due to a change on Flickr's end. We'll let Flickr know about the issue so they can look into it.

  19. Slideshow embeds should now be working again! Thanks for flagging that for us!

  20. Sorry to wake up to this news and that this is happening to you, justjennifer. As far as I can tell, my previously embedded flickr photos and slideshows are currently intact (thankfully). I used Panos gigya shortcode for my slideshows.

    I don't expect anything from the the redesigned flickr, which wants to be like Instagram and Facebook, as the new regime there continues to dump one feature after another that photographers liked about it. I have been a paying member since 2008 but they could care less about anyone like me.

    I just ASK that flickr and do not do anything to make my old embeds disappear or have flickr's logo branding itself over my name and copyright notice. If that happens, I would have the HUGE TASK of un-embedding FIVE YEARS WORTH of photos and uploading directly to my blog.

    Since I paid the new "free" flickr for a membership promising a no-ad experience, I think a flickr logo on my images--hovering or not-- is ILLEGAL or at least ETHICALLY QUESTIONABLE.

  21. @rachel @mo @electricia1 both my above oembed flickr slideshows have returned, so I am a very happy person, for now (for as long as it lasts).

    Amusingly the image in my "flickr woes" post is no longer displaying the image title and flickr watermark on mouseover either. Maybe we need to simply give them a week or so for the dust to settle. :)

    Now I'm off to make a cuppa and settle down with a book. It's been a long day. Thanks for the assists.

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