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    I’d like to try making an easy flip book, with a view to something more substantial later (short fiction). Looking around, I found some commercial themes that call themselves friendly to wordpress, but I searched for ‘flip book’ and found nothing at all in the forum, nor at wordpress home. Could anyone please comment on the general topic of flip book themes, flip book hosting, or their use in wordpress, if any?

    I’m hoping to find a theme or template where there is the capability to make notes and print them. I saw some themes labeled ‘dynamic’ but couldn’t find what they were calling dynamic.

    I’m sorry if I didn’t search long enough or unravel it enough to the right term, and am asking a totally redundant question!

    The blog I need help with is thewhitelilyblog.wordpress.com.


    If you are talking about the blog linked to your username, http://thewhitelilyblog.wordpress.com/ , then we cannot use themes from outside wordpress.COM.

    If you are talking about a self-hosted blog using the software from wordpress.ORG, then you are in the wrong forum and need to head over to http://wordpress.ORG/support/ which is where self-hosted blogs are supported.


    Thank you as always, Sacred Path. I’ve seen you give this same answer previously–but didn’t know it applied to this question too. I don’t know actually what ‘self-hosted’ means, but I guess I’ll find out. Thanks, again, for the right direction.


    You’re welcome.

    If your blog is hosted somewhere like godaddy or dreamhost, etc., using the software from wordpress.ORG, then your blog is self-hosted.

    If you are talking about the blog linked to your username, then that blog is hosted here and not self-hosted.

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