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Flipping Picture Problem

  1. Hi,

    I took a photo with the camera sideways because the object photographed is tall. All my software programs show the picture in the "tall" position, but when I want to post it, it is laying sideways and I cannot discover how to set it upright in the tall position. If I lay it sideways in a software program, it stays sideways. If I set it upright, it goes sideways.

    Thank you for helping me out on this.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The best approach to introducing images to your blog is to resize (flip) and optimize them before uploading them into your blog. If you have a PC then put the image into Paint and flip it before uploading it. Or if you have photoshop use it. If you don't have either of those there are free programs listed in this support documentation entry

  3. Thank you, Timethief,

    I was tired last night posting this question.... By "sideways" I meant the camera's landscape position --- and "tall" referred to the portrait position.... I had never had this problem with my old HP camera's photos, but do have it with my new Canon PowerShot photos.

    I do have Adobe Photoshop and rotated the photo there, but it retained that landscape position -- and I want to post the portrait position in which the photo was first taken.

    So, now I will follow your advice of resizing it in Adobe before uploading it into my blog post.... This makes sense and hopefully it will work.... Thanks a heap because I want it on what will be posted for tomorrow.... Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Whooopeee!..... Thanks again, Timethief!.... It worked and looks great!.... I downsized it by a few inches in Photoshop.... I really appreciate your timely help..... Now it can all appear on tomorrow's post --- a real Thanksgiving Day post.


  5. I'm so happy to hear that. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

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