Floating Boxes in Mozilla and IE

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    I’ve taken the Kubrick style sheet and tried to create two columns with the secondary sidebar underneath a bit like Kiwi (but not very). My attempt is up at http://archaeoastronomy.co.uk/sandbox/front%20page.htm and the style sheet is at http://archaeoastronomy.co.uk/sandbox/style.css

    Try as I might, the only way I can get the right side column to align in IE is to use absolute positioning. Otherwise it simply will not sit next to the content, no matter how thin. I’ve tried floating the box but it won’t have it. Mozilla and Opera on the other hand are very happy more or less any way that I try it. I’ve been at it for a few days now. Does anyone know what it is that I’m overlooking?

    It looks like I’ll problems with the secondary box too, but I’ve giving up for tonight so I can get some sleep.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    best bet is to look at how they’re doing it in kiwi.

    but you want the hosted wordpress forums.



    I’ve fixed it now though I don’t know how. The page was on my own server to show what the problem was, rather than a local wordpress install. It’s live at http://archaeoastronomy.wordpress.com

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