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    A few of the computers in our office have floating footers and floating subscription boxes that won’t allow you to click them or subscribe on Eisemancolorblog.com. Also, in the Site Stats portion there seems to be a glitch within the admin page as there seems to be something behind the graph that looks like an upside down version of our company Facebook page.

    The blog I need help with is eisemancolorblog.wordpress.com.



    http://eisemancolorblog.com/ – is a domain forward and mask – hides things – why don’t you just pay the $ 13.– to have things work correctly and for search engines learn your company name?


    The “floating footer and follow” – you see that when a person is not logged into WordPress.COM – normal behavior


    Thanks auxclass. The floating footer and follow is not happening on other computers, just in our office. This doesn’t seem to be affecting the other readers.



    When I logged out of http://eisemancolorblog.com/ – I had the floating footer and subscribe – when I am logged in I don’t see the floating stuff

    there are other options for me to follow that blog with my account –

    also if you domain map the name – it looks much more professional and makes it easier for people to send links to your site as they can find the links easier


    I have tried it logged in and out and never have seen the floating follow/footer. I have contacted friends to have them visit the site and they don’t experience the floating issues.

    Thanks for the tip on the domain name. I moved into this blogging platform from an existing site and didn’t want to lose our followers from there. I will look into making the switch.



    The follow stuff is above my pay-grade – but there a a lot of sharp people in the forum that should be able to help you – if you post how people are following your old site (feedburner or whatever) – someone should be able to give you some help or point you in the right direction to get more help

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