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floating sidebars in IE

  1. Hey all

    OK, I've been having a nightmare with IE.

    I got my blog to look just how I want it, and then I realised (after ages!) that in IE the sidebar is floating on top of the content! In my CSS, I have commanded the sidebar to float to the right. Firefox seems to read this OK and puts it in the right place - not on top of the text.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how I could fix this for my IE readers?

    my blog is

    Thank you!


  2. I'm not a CSS guru, but I know different versions of IE display differently. What version are you seeing the problem on?

  3. I checked using IE7 and you're right. However, IMO the likelihood that a css pro will drop in on Christmas Eve to give you a hand with this is very low.

    Here's a link that you will find useful and it will take about 20-44 minutes to get your reports back so you can rectify your problem.

  4. {waving to tsp}

  5. in the end i just reverted to a (only very minorly modified) standard theme that i like. IE just drove me up the wall!

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