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  1. Despite the irony that my username probably screams, this is an FML topic. Simply write why your life sucks today or yesterday; it saves valuable time trying to actually post it on, so there.

    Just like, every entry must begin with the word "Today", "Yesterday, "Last Week", or "Last Month", and must end with the acrostic "FML."

    I'll get us started.

    Today, I forgot to write my current event which was due for my Global Studies class after lunch. I tried printing out the article I was going to use before lunch, but none of the computers would log me in. Upon telling my teacher that I'd failed him, I went to the bathroom and cried because that's the only assignment that I will have turned in late for that entire school year. FML.


    Have fun!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oh oh I have one! (PS is your avatar an infinity symbol? i actually have that as a tattoo) :)

    Last week we had a huge snowstorm here in DC, and I was leaving the following morning for NYC but ALL of my laundry was at the laundromat (drop off service). Nothing was going to stop me from going up to the city for the weekend, not even a stupid storm. So I rented a Zipcar (instead of risking my own car, duh) and drove off into the snow. Apparently I drove over half a tree (it was completely covered), it screwed up the bottom of the engine and barely made it to the laundromat where, *surprise* they were closed because they didn't have power. So not only did I screw up the bottom of the Zipcar, and not even get my laundry, as I was pulling into my apartment's parking garage I scraped the side of the car on a too-sharp turn. No NYC, no laundry, big Zipcar bill. FML.

  3. @appsterberry: Actually, it means "positive forever." It's The Hold Steady's band logo and it looks cool, so...I used it.

    Also, that absolutely sucks.

    I've got another FML.

    Today, I decided to go to the skate park really early in the morning. My mom picked me up and I asked to go over to my girlfriend's house. She said no because my grandma was coming over. She died...and now I'm afraid to ask again. FML.

  4. Today, after having a very vivid dream about a person I'm in love with whom I stopped talking to after an argument that I don't even understand a month ago, I decided to be the better person and to try to communicate with him by adding him to a messenger program. Shortly after he rejected the invitation and sent me an email titled "please stop" and nothing more in it. I'm heartbroken, and I'll never know what I did to get him angry. FML.

    ^ Not sure if that's too depressive for a site that's intended for the lols, so here's another one.

    Today, I spent two hours at the gym working out like I've never worked out before since I was feeling very motivated. When I got home exhausted, my family had bought Jack in the Box burgers, pizza, chocolate and Coca Cola.... my favorites. I went over my caloric limit for over a thousand even with the workokut. FML.

  5. ^ I agree, your life sucks.

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