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    I’ve noticed a”follow blog?” button appears SOMETIMES when I’ve “liked” a post on OTHER blogs. How do i add this feature/option to MY blog? I’ve been reading through the forums and faqs for over an hour but cannot locate an answer. I need exact, explicit instructions not a snippy reply from WP staff. I hope someone will assist me.
    thank you!
    Blog url: http://smallhousebiggarden.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is smallhousebiggarden.wordpress.com.



    Provided you are logged into your WordPress.com blog and visit another WordPress.com blog the “follow” link will appear on the top navigation bar. If you are not logged into WordPress.com or you visit a blog that’s not being hosted by WordPress.com it will not appear as it’s an in-house feature for the use WordPress.com community members only.

    There is already a “follow” link appearing on the nav bar on your site. There are already “like” buttons appearing on the bottom of your posts when the title or the comment links are clicked and the posts are displayed on their own pages.

    Follow Blog Widget


    That isn’t even what I asked!!!!!!!! please reread my question!!!!

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