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    A few months ago I have noticed no traffic/likes/comments on my blog any more. I already built quite an audience, so suddenly having zero or two people visiting my blog randomly is discouraging. I guessed it’s due to the Follow blog widget, where you enter your e-mail to get new post notifications. I entered one of my e-mail addresses there, and I don’t receive updates. What shall I do?

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks! That got me thinking though when my problem started! July at least! It takes them quite a while to sort things out;( Thank you for your reply!!:)



    You’re welcome. If you don’t mind me saying so the best way to get comments is to get out there and leave some comments on your follower’s blogs and on other blogs with related content. Due to the situation stated in the sticky post I think your ought to ramp up commenting on other blogs. These may be helpful.
    Crafting Quality Blog Comments
    Twenty five steps to increase blog traffic


    You’re right:) I wasn’t too active recently, and that probably had it’s impact also;) It’s still frustrating though that the regular channels stopped working;(


    You see I am not too technical and I am only now even learning how to use some widgets properly, so I thought initially that it was me changing some settings without realising;)



    When regular channels don’t work we have to ramp it up. The traffic to my blogs is so low right now I could cry. Worse still is that because I’m answering questions rather than commenting on other blogs it’s sinking even lower.


    I know your pain; It’s so discouraging I almost stopped blogging;( But we need to keep it up for ourselves….or switch to different blogging engines….



    I’ve been around for a long time and have blogged on several platforms. Switching to another blogging platform solves nothing. The bottom line when it comes to getting traffic is knowing that cyberspace is a give, give, give again to get world. Followers don’t arrive each and every time we publish and that’s not surprising because we all have lives to live and few are sitting in front of a monitor waiting for someone else to publish. LOL :D

    If you want to increase traffic then don’t listen to anyone who professes there are any passive ways of doing that because there aren’t. Increasing traffic to a blog is hard work. If you want your blog to rank well in search engine results then that begins with creating and publishing original content ie. unique content that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. That’s important because the lion’s share of traffic to any well established and successful blogs is from search engines. Aside from search engine traffic the two primary ways of attracting like-minded subscribers are (1) commenting meaningfully and frequently on blogs with similar content and (2) being active on social networking sites.


    True that; however when I already build an audience and suddenly I lost it all it is still discouraging. I have a photo blog, so as much as it is visually different in terms of my work, it is not original in terms of text, as my blog is not about that. Tagging photos can take you as far. I will try to follow your suggestions though, anything to make it work again:)

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