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    Hi there. I am looking to spruce up my “Subscribe” page. Currently I have a link to my RSS feed and then a note that says “You can also subscribe to be updated via e-mail. Look for “Email Subscription” on the right of this page.”

    I have the “Follow Blog” widget in my sidebar, which is what that is referring to. I feel that this is quite sloppy. I should be able to have all subscribing options within that one page without readers having to look in the sidebar (admittedly it’s easy to find, but still).

    Is there any way to get this email subscription button in a page? Or is there some other solution that would accomplish the same thing?



    The blog I need help with is design-vox.com.





    Hi there,
    This can be done but it’s not just a case of gimme the the code. Since, the solution requires explanation using images as well, you can view it here – http://wp.me/pinhe-iU


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    Thanks timethief. That looks useful.


    Thank you timethief! This solution isn’t exactly what I was hoping for but I had a feeling I would need to utilize a sort of round-about way of accomplishing this. It’s definitely a big improvement from what I had.

    timetheif, I think you have answered all of the questions I’ve ever asked on this forum! :)

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