'Follow blog' widget problems in Minimum Theme

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    There is something weird going on in my widgets.

    I have the ‘follow blog’ widget in my footer area 2 and my linkedin button (text widget) in my footer area 1. Problem is that when i click on the box to enter an email address in the ‘follow blog’ widget it goes straight to my linked in page??? It is as if the email form box has somehow grabbed the link to my linkedin profile but the follow blog widget, you actually can’t enter an email address, as soon as you click on the box it goes to linkedin. The ‘follow blog’ widget does’t even allow for the entry of a link.

    I am stumped on this one, any help appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is canbry.wordpress.com.



    That’s because you forgot to close your «a» tag on your LinkedIn text widget, like this:



    That was a simple fix! I had simply pasted the code from linkedin which doesn’t include that.

    many thanks!


    does anyone know how to remove someone that is following me, i want to remove them from getting email when i post


    @jeremiahtravelbee375, please don’t hijack threads with unrelated topics. If there isn’t one in the forums on your topic, please start a new one to prevent confusion later on.

    You cannot remove someone from following you. There is no effective way of blocking them since IP addresses are no longer unique and all most have to do is to reboot their modem and they are on a different IP address, or they can just go to a wifi hotspot.

    Email addresses are also incredibly easy to get, so you cannot block by email address.

    And even if you could, what is to stop them from just visiting your site or subscribing to your RSS feed? Neither of those do you have any control over.

    It is sort of like trying to keep someone from walking down your street and looking over at your house.

    You could set your site to private and then invite only those that you want to see your site to be viewers.

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