"Follow Blog" widget – why aren't the confirmation mails sent?

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    The follow blog widget does not seem to work properly on my blog:
    My wife tried to use the widget, she entered her email (gmail) address from her iPAD (where no one is logged in as a wordpress user), got the “confirmation mail sent …” message but nothing is received (not in the spam either)
    so, i tried using my work pc with my work email (corporate email) with the same results, after i press the “follow” button I get the on screen “confirmation mail sent …” message but, again, nothing is received (and I also checked the junk mail folder…).

    Blog url: http://latenighttinkering.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is latenighttinkering.wordpress.com.



    I’ve flagged this thread for Staff attention.


    Hi nightmechanic,

    I just tested the Follow Blog widget and the follow button in the lower right (when logged out of WordPress.com), and I’m receiving the confirmation emails successfully.

    You can see a screenshot of the emails I’ve just received here:


    Can you have your wife try her same email address, and see if there are any filters active on her Gmail account?



    Hi bryanvillarin,
    thanks for the quick reply, so here is the deal – i tried other gmail addresses we have here (my sons’) and they work.
    however, my work address (which I do not know what filtering they use so lets leave that aside) and my wife’s gmail address still doesn’t work!
    she has several filters active, but none of them are wordpress related in any way and none of them delete any incoming mail, they just label them…

    any suggestions?



    Hi Ran,

    What’s her email address? (Only staff will see it.)

    Also, does she have any forwarders in her Gmail account?



    Hi Bryan,
    her email is (email redacted)

    she does have a forwarding address, and the condition is “forward…. and [keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox]”

    Thanks again,


    Howdy Ran,

    Thanks for following up with me. The only other suggestion I have is to see that she isn’t blocking emails from WordPress.com.

    She can view any settings on this page (including blocking emails from us) by entering her email address, then clicking the Manage Subscriptions link she’ll receive by email:


    If she is, she’ll need to uncheck “Block all email updates from blogs you’re following on WordPress.com”.


    Hi Bryan,
    it seems that was not the issue either, she followed your instructions, but the block… setting was unchecked…

    any new suggestions?
    thanks for all the assistance so far!


    Hi Ran,

    Please have her email us directly at support @ wordpress.com with the subject “No new post email notifications (re: Bryan)”, including a link to this forum thread, and I’ll be happy to help her directly. :-)



    Hi Ran,

    I was able to help your wife with her email notifications, so I’ve marked this thread as resolved.

    Cheers! :-)


    I Know,

    Thanks a lot!



    I’m having the same trouble. I logged out of my account and tried clicking the follow button and inserting my email address. I tried three different email addresses that I use, and none of them received the confirmation email. I don’t have any “spam” settings on any of them, or forwarding options. I even checked the spam folder to see if they’d been sent there, but none of the addresses received the email. Thanks.



    zackleviwall – please start a new thread for your issue so we can help you more efficiently. Thanks for your cooperation. I’m going to close this thread now.

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