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    Is there anyway to change the “follow” button so it only shows your blog subscriber number and not all your other social media followers? I like the look of the button, but the numbers could be seen as misleading.

    The blog I need help with is


    Any ideas on this?



    I don’t use the Follow Blog Widget and when you open it up there is only an option of not displaying any numbers that you can select:
    __ Show total number of followers
    I assume that widget is only for those who have subscri9bed firectly to your blog. That’s why I don’t understand what you mean by “shows your blog subscriber number and not all your other social media followers?”
    Perhaps you mean another “follow” button and I’m missing the mark.



    We’re talking about the same widget. I never added it to my sidebar, but when instituted the Follow button “on the bottom right corner of your site” it showed up automatically.

    In the beginning, it only showed people following the blog. Later they added social media followers you have on platforms that you have turned on under “publicize.” So the total number of followers displayed now includes my blog followers, FB, and Twitter followers. Yes, that’s my total number of followers in one sense, but it’s not the total number of blog followers so it’s misleading.

    I’m going to look to see how I can turn the number off as you mention here and it shows on the link. Thanks for your help!



    Aha! I discovered that the stats do reflect your Facebook friends and Twitter followers numbers only if you use Publicize.


    This is what I’ve discovered experimenting. The Follow Blog Widget is just like the former Subscribe widget that goes in your sidebar. You can click to not show numbers on this widget.

    That’s different than the “follow” button that sits in the right hand corner of your blog, which appears to users or non-logged in That automatically shows your number of followers including the social media followers if you use publicize. There’s no way to turn that number off. You can choose not to display the button (on the reading page), but you can’t turn the numbers off.

    I like this button! It’s far more elegant than the clunky follow blog widget for the sidebar. So I am going to stick with it for now.



    Hi again,
    Thanks so much for sharing your experimentation results. I think I’m clear on this now. I’m also using the “follow” button that sits in the bottom right hand corner of my blogs.



    Hi, my follow button in bottom left corner has disappeared. I have checked the follow blog box under reading settings.



    that’s ok. It’s back again now

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