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FOLLOW button plugin doesn't work on my blog

  1. I switched my blog from to and everything went smooth and my blog looks great, except the FOLLOW button doesn't work. Every time someone clicks it they get a 404 URL not found error for the subscribe page (in my case I've disabled the FOLLOW button until I can figure this out. Any suggestions? Oh an BTW, it's the FOLLOW button plugin by TheAdityaJain. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi stacydymalski, since this is the forums you will probably have better luck over at ( Hopefully they will be able to help you resolve this!
    Good luck,

  3. The "follow" button is only available to users when they are logged in. Your site is a stand alone site. It is not included in the community and none of the in-house features are available as they are only for members. You will also find that the widgets for your install do not include in-house widgets.

    Bottom line: and are completely separarte. You need to click this link and create a username account and post all your isuues to that forum - not here because we can't help you here.

  4. @zandyring
    Hey there. Are you an undercover Staff member? Or are you another wordpress user who attended a wordcamp and decided to volunteer?

  5. @timethief - I'm a user who just wants to help out. I haven't been to a WordCamp (yet)... I don't want to step on any toes here, so please feel free to send me to resources. I've looked over the forum house rules - any other documentation I should check out?

  6. @zandyring
    Welcome :) There is no such thing as toe stepping here - technically anyone can answer anjy question. However, when a new person starts to answer questions that tends to result in the long time volunteers ghosting their answer and gently correct any deviations in a polite manner. ;)

    P.S. I haven't been to a WordCamp either. I'm is a challenge for me. I'm also the forum queen of typos. I'm visually challenged and I travel at warp speed often forgetting to use my app.

  7. edit: "anjy" was meant to be "any" (see what I mean lol :D)

  8. @timethief - I'm fine with being corrected! I've been checking back on posts to see what a more complete or better answer is so I'll know for future reference, so it's actually helping me out a lot.

  9. @zandyring
    I could tell from the first 3 answers you gave that you are going to do just fine. Though we regular Volunteers all know how to use and software well, we have different skill sets and speciality areas. The other regular Volunteers here (raincoaster, thesacredpath, justjennifer, justpi, auxclass, feartheseeds, auxclass, absurdoldbird) are a very accomplished lot, who teach me new things every day.

  10. @timethief - I'm looking forward to learning a lot from all of you!

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