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  1. How do I add a Follow Me button to my blog? I have one on my Blogspot blog but can't find how to add one here.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you looking for a Twitter follow me button or a way for people to follow you here on If it's the latter, you can add both a "subscribe" widget (should be one of the widgets available to you when you go to "widgets" under Appearance), and/or add RSS feed options (I like having both options available to people, since I know many people like to follow blogs using an RSS feed reader).

    If you're looking for a Twitter button, I'm completely ignorant of Twitter (other than its existence), so someone else might be able to help you there! You could probably do something with html in a text widget, though, if there's not something "prepackaged" for you to use.

    Happy blogging! :-)

  3. Thanks for replying. I have a subscribe button and don't want a Twitter one, just a simple Follow button. I have had hardly anyone use the Subscribe button but I know nfrom the stats that a lot of people come in and view my blog and not all from search engines and referrals so I imagine they have favourited me on their computers and return to see what I have posted. I want to make it easy for them to Follow me. If I knew what code to use, I would add that. Perhaps someone knows what it would be. Again thanks for replying.

  4. @suzanneper
    There is no such thing as a "follow me" on button. I see you have already set up blog subscriptions.
    You can enable sharing buttons on your blog posts, pages and index pages >
    Facebook like & share buttons >
    Twitter follow button >
    Twitter widget >
    Facebook badge >

  5. If I knew what code to use, I would add that.

    There is no such code.
    This is the URL for the RSS feed to your posts that anyone can subscribe to using a feedreader. >
    This is the URL for the RSS feed to your comments that anyone can subscribe to using a feedreader. >
    See here > Widgets ยป RSS Links Widget >

  6. If you also want to create a "grab my button" code, the links to the brief tutorial and the generator are found in this post >

  7. motionpromotion

    Yes There Is A Code I Used It A Couple Of Weeks Ago Im Just In The Process Of Locating It Again.

  8. Thanks Motionpromotion. I would love to have that code.
    Thanks also to Timethief for all your advice.

  9. There is already a subscribe tab for fellow users right on your Navigator bar.

    Unlike the one between blogger users it doesn't show the account names on a blog widget. Instead you find your subscribers at the bottom of your statistic page.

    readers,We, can read our subscriptions going to My Account-->Read my Subscriptions on the Navigator bar.

    You might be able to copy that code and connect to a image for a subscribe button,
    but I wouldn't recommend it, You will be confusing readers who don't use

    Most people who subscribe to blogs do so by RSS or by E-mail.
    If you follow your dashboard left column-->Appearance--> Widgets

    you can add the "RSS links" Widget
    and the "Blog subscriptions" Widget

    to your sidebar.

  10. oops I now see Timethief recommended the support link for RSS subscriptions so I do it again anyway:

  11. Thanks so much everyone, especially Timethief, for all those suggestions. I have added a few of those widgets to my blog just now. Let's see how it goes. Thank you.


  12. [twitter-follow screen_name='brunoraljic']
    Is this what are you looking for? Add it as a text into the sidebar. Ofcourse, change this 'brunoraljic' to your twitter name :)

  13. My bad, I didn't see you write "don't want a Twitter one".

  14. Thanks anyway, nobru88.


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