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    I’ve added the text box on my sidebar but the text appears with the image. HELP!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t use the code provided by Twitter here. You have to use the built-in Twitter widget for The other code is not allowed for security reasons.


    This certainly isn’t easy. :( I don’t want my tweets displayed but I want to give new followers options to follow me and sometimes people prefer to follow via twitter. Is this not possible?
    Thanks for you help! :)



    I will try that but how to I add the image?



    You type in the code provided and the image appears.


    Who provides that code…twitter or wp?




    I will try once I get off work today but I’m not feeling too hopeful. I will let you know how I make out. Thanks!



    If you click my username you will see I have such an icon. It took seconds to type the code into a text widget and that was it.


    You make it look so easy but for me…it’s been quite the struggle. I will attempt this now. Thanks for your help and I will let you know what happens. :)



    You can do it – think positive.
    P.S. You know where to find help, right? ;)


    I dragged the text box to my side bar and I included this: [twitter-follow screen_name='@CristinasBR'] and in the title I wrote: Follow me on Twitter. BUT the only problem is…the twitter image doesn’t appear like it does on yours. UGHHHH….I’m so frustrated.


    I’m trying to be positive although I’m sure it’s not coming across that way. LOL…sorry about that. I go to the twitter widget info for help but the step by step instructions don’t seem to help. :(



    Go to Appearance -> Widgets in your blog’s Dashboard and drag a Text widget to the sidebar.

    Within that Text widget, enter the following:

    [twitter-follow screen_name='cristinasbr']

    (notice there’s no @ symbol above and all the letters are lowercase this time)

    Then, save the widget.

    You can further customize the button following the examples at


    IT WORKED!!! Thank you!!! I have no desire to further customize it! LOL!!! Thank you! :)



    You’re welcome!




    I’m trying to add the following text widget to my sidebar but it’s not working because it doesn’t look like anyone elses from other blogs I’ve seen for Book Blogs. What am I doing wrong?

    <embed wmode=”opaque” src=”″ FlashVars=”backgroundColor=0xEDE9D8&textColor=0x593022&” width=”206″ height=”174″ bgColor=”#EDE9D8″ scale=”noscale” allowScriptAccess=”always” allowFullScreen=”true” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=””> </embed>
    <small>Visit Book Blogs</small>



    You won’t be able to embed that here since it’s a Flash embed, and we can’t allow that for security reasons.

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