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Follow me, Then I'll Follow You!!

  1. Just like my title says: If you subscribe to my blog, then I'll subscribe to yours!

    I am now on everyday, looking at other people's blogs, learning and gaining experience.

    If you want me to follow you, and you want to follow me, then leave your blog address!!

    (P.S. I'm an active subscriber, so I will leave comments and visit almost everyday!)

    Thanks! Shauna

    The blog I need help with is

  2. =) Hi Shauna! I'm Cyan~
    I /think/ I've just subscribed to your blog.. but yeah, I only created a blog yesterday so I'm still finding my way around! .___.;
    Here's my blog anyways:

  3. Hey! Welcome!

    I just subscribed to yours! Good Luck!


  4. @shaunadacus and thevermillionsky
    Please note that this is the technical support forum. Here we post to threads only for the purpose of asking and answering technical support questions.

    If you want to promote your blog do it here > Showcase Forum

    If you want to chat post here > Off Topic Forum

    I'm flagging this thread so our Moderators will move it to the correct forum > Showcase. Best wishes with your blogging and thanks, in advance, for cooperating by choosing to post to the correct forums in the future. . :)

  5. =) Thank you!
    And same to you~

    Haha~ I don't really know what to write about. =/ Not usually a problem for me..

  6. Ahem ... chatting is done here >

  7. @ timethief
    Oops. Sorry and thank you! o.o;

  8. lol ;)

  9. Thread Moved, = )

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