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    People are not receiving email notifications of newly published posts even if they have entered their email address and pushed the follow button on my blog. I didn’t even receive one yesterday, when I had with other posts.

    What is the difference between entering their email address and pressing the follow button, and pressing the much smaller follow button (with a little + by it) in the VERY BOTTOM RIGHT of my blog screen?

    The blog I need help with is



    The follow blog widget in your sidebar is for email subscriptions >
    The follow blog button appearing on the bottom right hand corner of your site is for those who do not have accounts

    Have these people who say they aren’t receiving updates checked their email client spam/junk mail folders?

    Have those who are members checked their dashboard settings? They control frequency of receipt.!/read/edit/
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    Thank you for the response. I guess I’m still confused. The widget on the sidebar that says “Follow Blog Via Email”, “Enter your email to follow this blog and receive notification of new posts by email”, then a blank box to enter the email, then a “Follow” button…you said all this is for “email subscriptions”.

    How is this different from the second scenario you described, “the button on the bottom right for those who do not have wordpress accounts”?

    I am assuming most people would fall in the category of not having wordpress accounts, so would most likely do the first thing above (enter email in blank white box, press follow”?

    I will have people look in junk, but still trying to understand two different follow buttons…

    Thank you!

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