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    Have noticed a change in the last day in my tool bar in the ‘New Post’ section of the blog. The new ‘Follow’ button has become an ‘Unfollow’ button, I haven’t done anything to it, am a just bit puzzled. Does it just mean somebody has ‘unsubscribed’? Probably irrelevant to how the blog works,

    Cheers RK

    The blog I need help with is



    The announcements of these changes are found here:
    More traffic for your blog with the follow button >
    Enjoy A Shiny New, Simplified Admin Bar >


    Thanks tt,

    I have read both of those announcements, doesn’t explain why it has flipped without fiddling with it.

    Cheers RK



    Hi RK,
    When you click the “follow” button to subscribe to a blog the “follow” is now replaced with “unfollow”. So if you see “unfollow” it means you are already following the blog in question.

    Hope that helps. :)


    It shouldn’t flip without fiddling. My best guess is that you may have subscribed to the blog in the past or you clicked the follow button by mistake. It shouldn’t change on it’s own though.

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