Follower count not showing properly in the statistics page

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    I have more than 60 followers but it seems that my statistics is stuck at 58…In the last hour I had more that 5 followers following me but the notification says 58 followers every time…
    Could you please have a look and resolve the issue as early as possible…


    The blog I need help with is



    Do you think the sticky post at the head of the forum contains relevant information for you?

    Have you cleared your browser cache and cookies?



    I am having the follower count problem too. It seems that older followers drop off to make way for the new followers. The total number of pages of followers hasn’t changed so each time I get a new follower the oldest follower on the last page just disappears.

    Seems others are having this problem too. Maybe a hang-over of the issue a few days agao where all followers disappeared for many people???

    And I’ve checked thhis out from 3 different devices with cache and cookies cleared (and one device never used before) and the problem is still there!!



    Alarmingly I have noticed that 2 of the followers that have been pushed off my last page by new followers have re-followed, ie, appeared as new followers. I hope their following wasn’t removed and they’ve clicked follow again. I have had about 50 new followers over the last 2 or 3 days!! I’d hate to have lost 50 old timers. :(

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