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Follower country flags widget

  1. I see some blogger have a side widget that show the country of their followers. How can I get that added to my Theme? I am using 2010 theme.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Flag counters tell you the location of your site viewer, not your followers.
    Here are some widgets you'll like to add.

  3. @n8acu
    You need pure HTML code for your and must email to to get the code required.

    We can also use clustrmaps and get clicky.
    Real time visitor tracking (non-JavaScript) for blogs
    getclicky real time stats for blogs

  4. Hi TT thanks for other links.
    You don't need to contact them to have Whos amung us widget on your blog.

    The site now includes a post-to-WP button.

    Click "showcase" in the top nav menu, click on the widget you want, click the "Post" tab below the javascript code, click the WP icon, fill in fields, click Post. Then go to the post editor for the newly created auto-post, switch to HTML, copy code, paste into text widget, save widget, trash post.

  5. Thank you both. I will check that out when I get some time,

  6. I found them and they are working beautifully . thank you both.

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