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Follower Emails

  1. Maybe this is off topic, as I wasn't able to get an answer on the support forum.

    I have 120 followers, which could be meaningless, or meaningful, depending on whether or not they a) actually read my blog b) have email notifications switched off.

    However, I follow some blogs and when an email comes through I have no need to go to their page, as the entire post is within the email itself.

    So by having followers that actually do read my posts, is the act of them following me harming my views/hit to my blogs?

    If so, is there a way to alter the content of the email to just redirect the follower to the post, without the content, heading to footer, so I have an idea of how many people are actually reading?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, you can restrict the content of the email to summary under Dashboard >> Settings >> Reading and set the For each article in a feed, show option to Summary.

  3. Thank you!

  4. @theuglymoose
    This is a support forum question. If you do not have any other support questions to ask in this thread I will remopve the flagging. If you do ask away here. What say you?

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