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    I have a [redacted] site and now i have also a self hosted [redacted] selfhosted wordpress that i wished to replace the former with But i liked the l social thigns like the reader and followers and likes i had in [redacted]. Is it possible to transffer this activity to my self hosted ? Can you help? I have the jetpack plugin installed on new site.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I don’t see any Jetpack sites in your account, and there is no site loading for me at [redacted] Can you please double check the address of the Jetpack site?

    We can move your followers to a different site, as well as your stats, but Likes cannot be moved.


    Hi kokkieh, thanks replying.

    I have installed and activated Jetpacks meantime.

    Sorry i mispelled the domain. It’s [redacted] Would be fine if you could do that stat change. Right now im not sure if the followers are ‘site followers’ or account followers.
    Other thing, is it possible to mask this domain names we are writing? My mistake, but i would prefer that info to be more private.




    Followers are per-site, not per-account.

    I’ve moved your followers and stats over to the new site. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.


    That’s it Kokkieh,

    Thanks Kokkieh you very much for the time dispended on this.

    Maybe yes you can help, with some info: I upload photos to the site in a very big size ( i’ll change this) but the photos are shown in small size, and no link to original file. How can i change this, so that photos can appear their original size. If i apply (link to media) a lightbox like link, it still opens a reduced version of the file, however thr big file is accessible through it’s URL. IS this how it is supposed to work ( maybe it has to do with the template im using) but can you clarify?

    Thanks once again.




    This is on the self-hosted site, right? It should work basically the same as on When you add an image in the WP-Admin editor you can select if the image should link to nothing, an attachment page, or to image URL itself.

    If you add the image via the My Sites editor, click the image, click the link icon in the editor, and add the URL that should be pre-filled.

    But if you use a lightbox plugin or if your theme has special treatment for images that might override this default behaviour. For help with that it would be best to ask in the self-hosted forums where users are more familiar with that version of WordPress.


    ok, tnx

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