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    Has WordPress changed how the number of followers is calculated? I ask because I used to have 188 followers. When I checked the other day, it had dropped to 36. I can’t imagine my writing has gotten so bad or infrequent that I would lose that many followers!

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    Were you recently using Publicize through Facebook or Twitter? If so, the total will come back the next time you post.

    Please see this for more details:



    Not for some time, actually, because I don’t like that there isn’t an option when publishing a post to add a comment for FB before it is publicized on my FB wall. At least that was the case awhile back when I used it. Maybe that has changed. So, instead I’ve just been taking the short link and posting a status update in FB, which allows me to write something about the post as well as provide the link.

    At any rate, I followed the steps in the link you provided and now it looks like the count is back to around what it was previously (higher, even!). Thanks for the help!



    You’re welcome!

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