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Follower transfer to self hosted please

  1. I recently transferred my domain to different host and would really appreciate it if my followers/subscribers could be transferred as well.

    old url:
    new url:

    Thanks ahead of time, and apologies if this is the wrong place for the request.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please install and activate the JetPack plugin and then Staff will be able to transfer your email subscribers for you.

  3. Note: Followers using the Reader cannot be transferred.

  4. Thanks for the reply. Jetpack is installed and activated. I just updated it as well in case that was an issue.

  5. You're welcome and thanks for the confirmation. If you subscribe to this thread you will be notified when Staff respond.

  6. Hi there thedrivencook,

    I've taken care of this for you - your email subscribers have transferred to your new blog. You can post as soon as you'd like and they will receive it!


  7. Thanks so much!

  8. Glad to help!

  9. Greetings!

    I transferred my domain to a different host and request that my followers/subscribers be transferred to my new site.

    old url:
    new url:

    My new site is connected using Jet Pack.

    Thanks so much!

  10. Hi there Swirl,

    It's generally best to start your own thread for new requests, but I've gone ahead and transferred your email subscribers.


  11. Sorry; didn't realize I had hijacked someone else's thread!

    Question: Why does my new site only show 4 subscribers?

  12. We can only transfer email subscribers, so that must be how many followers you had via email. Does that make sense?

    No worries on hijacking - everyone does it once :)

  13. It does; I was positive I had more *email* subscribers. I know I have WP subscribers; I guess more than I thought.

  14. That certainly is possible. I double checked the process, and I don't see any part where something went wrong with the transfer, so I'm guessing that what you see is pretty accurate. If we are able to enable all-user-transfers in the future, you may indeed see that number change. That is not a guarantee or a promise, of course :)

  15. Ok; thanks. Then one of my top goals for 2013 is to grow my email subscription list. :-)

    Thanks again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

  16. That's a great goal! I wish you a lot of luck :)

    Merry Christmas to you as well! And a very happy (and fun!) new year!

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