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Follower Widget

  1. Does WordPress have a follower widget like Blogger does?

  2. No.

  3. They should. It's hella cool. I hope someone at WordPress is working on it. I don't care for Blogger, but that feature is very tempting...

  4. @ littlemis,, agree

  5. Other features at Blogger are tempting too ...

  6. I find very few features of blogger to be very tempting. That's why I switched to WordPress. But, I do agree that out of the few features blogger has, that one (follower-widget) is worthy of having on WordPress.

  7. I think the main thing people like about Blogger is that you practically use any widget you want. Like being able to use scripts in the sidebar. The follower widget is nice. In the end its not worth it because blogger isn't that great of a blog hosting service.

  8. My wishful list of small but critical things should have:

    - Icon/link next to each post to email blog post (through and not through some third party).
    - Native chat widget for blog owners to communicate with their visitors (not meebo me, it sucks.'s own solution, like facebook's).
    - rate the blog post.
    - stats providing country/city info of visitors.

    I'm still thinking....

  9. I would die for a rate the blog post option

  10. I'd like a really good corned beef sandwich.....

  11. I would die for a good corned beef sandwich

  12. I know where you can get one, but they're not open on Sunday!

    Corned beef sandwich widget would totally rock, though.

  13. shineanthology

    I agree with aw1923: a rate the blog post option would be highly appreciated.

  14. Bring on the follower widget.......please!

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