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Follower Widget

  1. Hi,

    How can I add a 'follower' widget on my blog? Here's the address

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Duplicate answered here.

  3. Try this website:

    Scroll down and put in your username and password. After getting the code, go to your widget page. Look for the "Text" widget and drag it to your sidebar. I would type "Twitter Followers" or whatever so you know what it is. Then paste the code in the big box under the Title space. Save it and there you go.

  4. @my4tress, that code won't work here. It has HTML in it that is not allowed here at wordpress.COM and it is stripped out.

  5. I take that back, it sort of works but in my sidebar the formatting was all messed up.

  6. The code for the twitter followers widget from widgetropolis will get you in trouble here since it links to which is advertising and advertising is not allowed here at wordpress.COM.

    It's a scam to get people to unknowingly advertise for them.

  7. so still no luck? i am trying for the same widget??? anybody?

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