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Follower Widget / Wrong Twitter Handle

  1. richdadstockblog

    My Follow Widget is displaying the wrong Twitter handle to follow.

    A new non-Wordpress user uses the Follow Widget to subscribe. They then get the "thank you message" that says "The authors can also be followed on:" It lists two Twitter accounts. One, is a personal account that we would like removed. We have removed this contributor from having access to the page thinking that would solve it, but it is still appearing. We added our Twitter handle through Publicize and it started appearing in the Follow widget, however, this second Twitter handle has not disappeared.

    I have tried removing the contributor whose handle this is and it still is appearing when a new user subscribes to the blog.

    I submitted a Help ticket, and he said he was working on it ... just wondered if anyone had this issue before and what they did to solve it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. jonathansadowski

    Hello, it looks like you've created a similar post here:

    I'm going to lock this topic and move the conversation over there. Please refrain from creating duplicate topics as it may delay our ability to respond. Thanks.

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