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    Please could someone tell me how I know how many followers I have?? I know on some blogs, like Blogger it tells you, and I do know that up at the top after ‘blog info’ it does say suscribe….

    I am unsure how to find out how many followers I have – can someone please tell me :D

    Thankyou :D X

    The blog I need help with is



    You will never know the exact number.

    You can see the Stats page and number of visits, down at the left bottom corner of the Stats page you can see then number of subscribers in the General Section.

    I don’t think the number of people that follow you with an RSS feed is available (you can see the link in sometimes) – I also don’t think the number of people that use Readomatic shows up either.

    Probably some fancier Stats packages that you can use but I have not looked at them.



    It’s easier to answer questions like this if you specify exactly what you mean by “Followers” because doesn’t have anything purely analogous to the Blogspot “Followers” thing.


    Thanks guys

    Well for instance what I mean is,….and I am unsure if I have already worked this one out, you will need too confirm it for me, maybe Raincoaster, is would the subscription part at the top be the giveaway to thata information? Would I find out via that??

    On another level – what I mean is, Blogspot has the ‘followers’ bit, how do we know who is reading/following our sites day after day/week after week/ or is that in the subscriptions part?

    Someone asked me this question the other day, hence me asking you guys :D X



    As auxclass already said, you will never know the exact number.

    You may have more subscribers than the number that appears in the Stats/Subscribers because that only reflects people who have signed up to read your blog by email. Anyone who sets their subscription preference in the subscription reader to never receive an email does not show up in your stats.


    Well there is a chasm right there! Why on earth can we not identify who our followers are? I know the app doesn’t allow for it but it should, come on guys and girls, shimmy the code.


    I already know the answer. For me it’s ZERO, Zilch, none….guess I am not that interesting lol



    Subscription Statistics
    Blog owners can see how many people are subscribed to their blog from the Blog Stats page: See> See also Subscription management

    raincoasret’s reaply is spot on. “It’s easier to answer questions like this if you specify exactly what you mean by “Followers” because doesn’t have anything purely analogous to the Blogspot “Followers” thing.”

    justjennifer is spot on too. She has supplied the information above that the numbers those who use a feedreader to read our blogs, as I do, are unknown to us.

    Who is a follower?
    What are they following?
    What contribution do followers who never comment make to a blog?
    What value does a “followers” widget provide to a blog or blogger?

    My focus is on my commenters and my actual relationship with them. Those who choose to read my blog in a feed reader and never comment are not people have have any relationship with. I like knowing they are out there but wish they would make a contribution to discussion of post content on my blog.

    “Followers Widgets have become ubiquitous sidebar decorations in blogs as more blogging platforms and social networks are providing them. Followers Widgets dynamically display the visits to the blog by the people behind icons (avatars, gravatars). Bloggers display them to demonstrate connections other bloggers that range from mere acquaintanceship to friendship with subscribers who regularly read the blog and comment. Let’s investigate the claims and uncover what Followers Widgets do and don’t do for your blog.”

    My opinion of the usefulness and value of sidebar distractions such as followers widgets displaying avatars like notches on a gun is found here. > and here


    Hm thankyou for your interesting opinions here LOL, I think I would like to know who our followers are like creativelyeducate does. I mean i would like to actual see their photos as they do on blogger…or know at least how many we have though I also understand what TT says.

    I just would like to see something that says ‘Followers’ and at least how many there are ie you have 3 followers etc.



    Blogger only displays the icons of those with Blogger identities. It’s far from an actual list of blog readers.


    I’ve “followed” three blogs over at blogger, from my account over there and do NOT show up in the lists of followers on two of those blogs (they don’t have a lot of followers). I’ve even tried doing it again several times and it comes back and tells me I’m already following that blog.

    The follower thing over there is horribly misleading and inaccurate, and is a bandwidth hog.


    Interestingly, I just recently put my own blog into my Google Reader account and was surprised that I can see how many Google Readers subscribe to it (and all the blogs I subscribe to) by clicking Trends and “Most Obscure.” I was shocked to find that I have 30 reader subscribers, since Feedburner regularly shows about 13 or 14.



    Hello @sharonharvey2, if you think the Blogspot “Followers” widget is interesting maybe also cool to have, I find live stats far more interesting. Knowing which posts my followers are reading real-time fascinates me and the FeedJit Live Traffic Feed makes this possible: Check out and look at the second flag widget below Comments.



    It would be nice sometimes if whoever read my blogs (I write for 3, now working on a 4th different one.) and would occasionally comment.

    I don’t need to know whoever reads my blogs what they look like in person but it is interesting to have a bird’s eye view of geographic distribution for readers.

    Though I know it’s really the computer server’s city identity, not the reader’s!



    If you wish to see the countries your users are coming from you can use non-javascript 3rd party stats programs. The 3 most commonly used are clustrmaps, feedjit and whosamungus



    I’m sorry that was a bad link. :( Here’s the correct one

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