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    Do the followers of my blog receive an email when I edit a pre-existing post?


    No is the answer, as far as i know.



    No they receive an email copy of the original post immediately after publication.


    Thank you for answering this question for me so quickly! Much faster than WordPress support!


    @ territorialbehavior, haha you said it :)



    territorialbehavior—the problem is with rss / feed subscribers—they apparently DO get a “notification”, that is they get the whole post again (or the abbreviated version if that’s what you’ve specified in your settings) every time you make an edit. I just found this out and it’s really bugging me since I’m always editing previous posts for minor stuff. Email subscribers only get a notification for new posts, but feed subscribers get it for any new “content” to a post no matter how small. At least that’s what I was told in these forums…



    Can anyone tell me if a contributor, or author is automatically a subscriber? I have a forum, and I have people joining via a number of methods;
    1) By clicking the ‘subscriber’ button – I guess this is managed through Feedburner?
    2) By an invitation to become a ‘contributor’
    3) I have a ‘feedback’ form where people can put their interest in joining.

    The trouble is that I need to be able to have followers get updates, but at the same time I need to catch followers that want to do more – ie: via the feedback mechanism.

    So to my question – if they go through the feedback mechanism and I set them up as a contributor user do they get automatic post updates? Further, do they only get them if they have ‘accepted’ their invitation.

    Thanks so much



    @susannemoore: I don’t think a contributor automatically becomes a subscriber. But if you want confirmation of that, I suggest you contact staff directly:
    For future reference: it’s best to create a new topic rather than post on one that is marked “Resolved” – makes it easier for others to find you and answer your question.


    Ingridcc – How do you know if they are a feed subscriber versus an email subscriber? I am new to WordPress and trying to figure out all of the details. Thanks for your information on this topic.



    Heres the little I know: Feed subscribers are actually “invisible” to us. The only reason I know I have any is because there’s a very obscure way you can check in your stats page to see how many total views of a particular post you’ve ever had, and that chart does show you if and when you had feed views. (These aren’t counted in the wordpress totals for some reason).

    In your stats page, in the window labelled “top posts and pages”, the middle column looks like a column of graph icons–with no heading at the top explaining what it is. If you click on one of those icons, a chart will open up showing a long history of views of that particular post, one column per day. Feed views, if any, are shown on top of each column, in dark blue. If you hover over that dark blue you’ll get a mssg like “syndicated views 5” or however many. Pages will never get syndicated (feed) views, only posts.

    Re editing old posts, I was told if I wanted to prevent that post from being re-fed to people’s feeds I should set my blog to “private”, do the edits, then reset the blog to “public”. Any reader who tries to come to my blog during that time will be blocked by a page saying ‘this blog is marked private, where is your password’, or something like that. I really don’t like that idea—I do have a small stream of blog readers now and I don’t want them to get blocked out like that… Havent’ figured it out yet. In the meantime I’m only editing pages, not posts. Pages don’t ever get sent out on feeds.

    If your blog is fairly new you probably wouldn’t have (m)any feed subscribers yet, so that editing thing wouldn’t be an issue until you do….And forum people have pointed out that if you’re editing to add content to a post, readers might want to be notified…

    Good luck with your blog!



    Hey, just visited your blog, it looks great! congratulations. A treat to look at as well as read. I totally appreciated the info about artmurmer, live in the East Bay myself. I bet you’ll get a lot of readers if you keep it up. Dont’ be discouraged if it looks like nobody’s visiting for a long time, it really takes a while. I’ll cross my fingers for you to get “fresh pressed” one of these days! (they oughta pick you, IMHO!)



    @airodyssey, thanks so much for that advice. I will start a new thread with the details.

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