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Followers and unfollowing

  1. I may be a rare bird with this idea but please bear with me. How I handle it when someone follows me, I follow them back. The problem is, once they unfollow you, you have know way of knowing if they did so other than digging through the list. Is there some way it can be made as an option in the settings to automatically unfollow those that unfollow you?

    I know it sounds like an odd request. I view (lightly) followers as friends. It's quite humiliating to leave comments on their blogs not knowing they want nothing to do with you.

    Like I said, it would only be an option to each wordpress user should they decide to tick the radio button. :)

  2. I solution for this is to be honest. Just follow those you are really interested in following. Just leave a comment if you are really interested in doing so. Be honest in your comments. Then it should not matter if they follow you or not. En of problem.


  3. Ah, I am honest. I follow those who follow me and read what catches my eye. I don't or can't read all I follow I understand all that follow me can't read my material when they follow many.

    The way I interpret or at least in part, when someone follows you, that gives your blog more value, in numbers I mean. So I return the favor. Do I find everyone I follow interesting? No. I get all the emails and like I said, at random I'll read what catches my eye. :)

  4. Followers may or not be potential friends.

    You are under no obligation to follow anyone "back" just because they followed you. If you have no interest, then forget it… Why waste your time "following" something / someone you don't know—while you have no feeling for the topic or person?

    If your goal is to collect "likes" and "followers" then keep at it. But as I said above potential friends and all…

  5. Is there some way it can be made as an option in the settings to automatically unfollow those that unfollow you?


  6. huh, I did not even know that one is notified when someone "unfollows"

    could be in my case they just lose interest and I am not told…

  7. I made it very clear what I mean. This was more of a request for a future feature. I have no ulterior motives be it for popularity or numbers. I know I'm not obligated to follow someone that has followed me. It's just how I roll.

  8. I clearly understand what you are asking for. I do not believe it will manifest but if it does I won't use it.

  9. Well thank you for understanding. :) Though I asked nothing if you or anyone would use it. ;)

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