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followers are unable to post comments or sign in

  1. I have had a blog since the spring and have 32 followers. Now, none of them are able to sign in. They say that the site won't recognize their log ins and then times them out. Whats going on? I'm not computer literate at all so I can't intelligently answer their questions. Help!
    Blog url:

  2. These threads I link to below explain what's changed when it comes to commenting and why it was changed:
    Recent update to commenting:

    I can't explain why the site won't recognize their log ins and then times them out.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm still mystified as this link doesn't address the problems with my followers trying to sign in and I wish I was brighter about these issues, but I DO appreciate your time. Thanks again.

  4. Are your followers members?
    Are you able to provide their details such as how they are connecting to the internet and exactly which browsers they are using?

  5. I don't think any of them are WordPress members. All they did is sign up to follow my blog with their email addresses I believe. (I'm assuming that does not make them "members"?) I think they use different types of browsers and things but I can certainly ask two of them in particular who are having problems. Because I write about Dancing With The Stars and the season hasn't really started yet, I have a bit of time to try to figure this out before EVERYONE has this happen and they get frustrated and stop commenting. The weird thing is that no one had problems last season and now they do. I will ask to see the answers to your questions. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

  6. Please have your followers check their eamil client spam folders and also have them whitelist emails from

  7. I apologize but I don't know what "whitelist" means. I am asking two of them now what browser and access they are using.

  8. I am heading out to an appointment so didn't want you to think I am not appreciating your wonderful help. I will pick this back up later today. Your efforts are much appreciated!

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