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Followers - I'm giving them too much!

  1. joannabmaloney

    Why can my followers all of a sudden see my whole blog post in the email that lets them know I have a new post? It used to just be that they saw a tidbit and I feel like that made them more inclined to visit the site!
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  2. You can chnage your RSS Feed setting to posts form "full text" to "summary" here > Settings > Reading.

  3. joannabmaloney

    Reading>Settings>"For each article in a feed show, (summary)" right? I did that - they can still see it all for some reason.

  4. It only affects new posts you make; it isn't retroactive. Also, if your posts are very short, like an image and a line or two, that might be considered a snippet even if it's the whole post, in which case the solution is to write longer posts.

  5. @timethief Thank you so much for your contribution to the forum. I have found and learned a great deal from you.


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