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Followers issue

  1. I have cleared my browser cache and my blog follower number seems to still be off. On Wednesday, I had 98. Yesterday and today, it's showing 76. help? I'm scared they're gone!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Same problem for me at
    The counter's been dead for some time today after a rather inaccurate update yesterday. I went to the Follows page in the "stat department. There is a total of 136 pages with 20 followers on each, When someone new comes in, someone goes off from the last page, like newcomers push out oldtimers. Perhaps there's a limit on the number of pages? I don't know...

  3. I am having the follower count problem too. It seems that older followers drop off to make way for the new followers. The total number of pages of followers hasn't changed so each time I get a new follower the oldest follower on the last page just disappears.

    Seems others are having this problem too. Maybe a hang-over of the issue a few days agao where all followers disappeared for many people???

    And I've checked thhis out from 3 different devices with cache and cookies cleared (and one device never used before) and the problem is still there!!

  4. I had the follower count problem yesterday...It got resolved after some time but is back again today....It seems the count is stuck on a number...For example I had 74 followers yesterday and when I got two new followers today it is still showing 74...Probably it will be OK after some time and the count will reach 76 but then it will become static again even when I will get more followers...I have cleared by browser cache and cookies..No change.....
    Can anybody help.....

  5. Alarmingly I have noticed that 2 of the followers that have been pushed off my last page by new followers have re-followed, ie, appeared as new followers. I hope their following wasn't removed and they've clicked follow again. I have had about 50 new followers over the last 2 or 3 days!! I'd hate to have lost 50 old timers. :(

  6. foundfootageblogdotcom

    I am having this problem too! Worried!

  7. So does anybody know how to find out from WP? I did a search in the help section but didn't see any new information on this. Do they monitor these forums? Not sure what to do...

  8. This should be fixed for everyone now. If you are still seeing incorrect follower counts, please clear your browser cache. If that doesn't fix it, contact support and let us know.

    1. If you are not running one of the browsers and versions listed at please try upgrading or switching first.

    2. If you are using an IE browser in compatibility mode please disable that mode.

    3. If you are running one of the browsers and versions listed at try clearing your browser’s cache

    If you are not successful let us know:
    (a) Exactly what kind of device you are using to connect to the internet and to
    (b) Exactly which browser (and version of it) you’re using by checking here if necessary
    (c) And what any error reports you receive state.

  9. It seems to be resolved for me now so thank you to whoever sorted it out. And I really don't think this was a browser issue. I woke up this morning and on all devices I tried the count was as it should be and my old followers were returned to my last pages.

  10. Hi,
    I'm using Google Chrome Version 29.0.1547.65 (up to date) on a Mac. I connect using Verizon Phios. I also tried to view my followers in Safari. I somehow lost 13 of them on Thursday. What else should I do? Is this forum the best way to contact support?

  11. @findingninee
    Thanks so much for posting details. Yes this is the quickest way to get support and this thread is already tagged for Staff who are working on the issue. They will update this thread when there's an update to post.

  12. Oh dear! I just posted a link to the wrong thread. Just ignore the link please. The rest is correct as Staff are onto this issue too.

  13. @findingninee

    Blog stats should be back to normal for everyone at this point. Please post here if you are still seeing weirdness.

  14. I am sorry to say this, but weirdness continues ) at

  15. Same here, there's still a problem. Although I have the people back on my last pages my tally hasn't moved up much despite quite a few joining. Total number of followers does not equal the amount of people on my follower pages.

  16. littlehousebytheferry

    Yup, I'm still having an issue as well. Getting email notifications that new folks are following, but the number of followers on my stats page doesn't change.

  17. Followers are dropping off the last page again for me. I'm at least 20 down.

  18. Please note that while you receive notifications when someone follows your site, but not when someone unfollows. So you may have lost a couple followers as well as gained new ones. The counter will also have a delay between when someone adds your site and when it shows up in your stats. That is normal.

  19. Hi, my counter has been not moving for a day, but when I count manually there are 2793 followers, but it shows 2782

  20. Hi Staff members. In all due respect, this issue is not resolved and it is also not related to the browser cache or cookies. I have checked this out on 4 different devices using 4 different browsing software and can see the same issue.

    Last night I had 8 new followers join while I was asleep yet the counter only went up by a BIG 1.

    On top of this, 8 old followers dropped off my last page. It is as if I have a maximum of 19 pages and the 20th page has not been created.

    Also, if I do a manual count across my 19 pages, that are actually visible to me, I count 380 wordpress followers but the counter says 370 (and then there's all those who have dropped off page 19 missing too).

    This was temporarily resolved for me a couple of days ago but it all started happening again pretty quickly. It was as if someone hit a reset that captured the correct follower count but it didn't actually resolve the issue as new followers joined.

    I really hope you can get to the bottom of this soon as I'd say a lot more people are affected than are reporting it as they probably aren't keeping a close eye on their total follower count.

  21. Oh dear! I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance once more. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  22. My apologies everyone, I had meant to post earlier.

    This is being researched further. It does appear that something wonky is going on.

  23. rootjosh...I'm still seeing weirdness. Thanks for taking care of the issue.

  24. Conrad, thank you for pointing here here. @Timethief, I know you like to keep threads distinct but I obviously belong here. =( (Rather, sad frown). @rootjosh, this is my update"

    I know all I can do is just wait for Staff at this point. Just wanted to clarify something to help Staff help me. My WP + email + Tumblr followers add up but the problem is the base number of WP readers that lags. At present, it is behind by 6, though it managed to wrench itself out of the 728 mark. After I'd lost my email readers last week and while Staff was troubleshooting, my aggregate count hit 33 before it refreshed. Wondering if the sluggish counter for my WP following is a residual issue. I hope someone can reset my counter! Thank you.
    My new readers are not bumping off my old but my WP counter is not keeping up AND the gap widens everyday. Like many reported, as the manual count goes up, the WP followers count remains stuck or barely attempts to catch up - most sluggish.

  25. I meant pointing me here - writing in a rush!

  26. cleaningupatown

    My followers are not getting emails when I post. Same issue?

  27. SocialEyesNYC & Holistic Wayfarer

    As I say, we are working on it. I will update when I know more.

  28. cleaningupatown

    That is a different issue. I'm going to keep this thread to updating on the followers issue. Please feel free to make a new support thread.

  29. patruppel997920134

    I'm having the same problems in my stats as those above. I've lost almost 1/2 of my followers and Eurello in the forum ( suggests if you're still having problems after clearing your cache to contact support. That didn't work.

    Help! The site I'm having these issues with is:

    Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Note: Before I was directed to this site, I left similar inquiries on these other 2 forums with regard to the same problem:



    Thank you.


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