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Followers issue

  1. One thing to remember is that stats are never going to be instantaneously updated. That just isn't possible with the number of users and sites that has. There will always be a delay between when someone subscribes and when they show up listed in your totals. Now, the issue we have been dealing with was that the delay was taking WAY longer than it should. I am hearing that this issue should be fixed and that the cached info that the stats page uses should be updating.

    Another thing to remember is that you are NOT notified if someone unsubscribes/unfollows you. So when we are talking about sites being off by 1-5 followers, that can easily explain that sort of thing. Sadly, some people just don't know good content when they see it and decide to stop reading what we all put so much energy into writing!

    Adding those two reasons together, and you can see that at any given time, the followers number for an active blog is likely to be off by a few people. PLEASE remember that when making error/bug reports. With error/bug reports, we're looking for the larger all-site problems. Those are the indications that something is seriously wrong. The smaller "off by a couple" should correct themselves as caches are updated etc.

  2. Sadly, it looks like the issue has returned for me. :(

  3. Rootjosh, if a new follower appears on the stats list by name, the system obviously recorded him/her -- and so the number should reflect the add-on at the time s/he joins the list, no? To have 9 new names on the list and to have the number rise by just 1 or 2 consistently can't be an unsubscription issue. What I said to Staff the last time, months back, is that every time I get a new follower, someone can't be coincidentally unsubscribing just that moment to keep my numbers from rising.

    Another noteworthy point is the clear pattern in my case: WP bloggers who tap to follow me by email are the ones my STATS counter is not recording. And it's been almost a week since my last Tumblr followers came on board -- that's not a short time in record-keeping.

  4. Rootjosh, when a reader unsubscribes, not only does the count go down but s/he just disappears from the list of names. And so all the names I see are ones who're still with me, and each should be accounted for in the number, yes?

  5. My concern is only that my Facebook count is always one off. It would seem to be quite simple to take the number directly from Facebook; what would account for the difference?

  6. I agree with dipumpkin. It can't be that coincidental when it's never happened before. I have people that are constantly subscribing but this count stays the same or only moves by two---a much smaller number that the number that have been subscribing throughout the week. I've been stuck between 741-745 for a long time now. With just my email subscribers alone I counted 13 people on my list but the stats show only 12. The last one that email subscribed to my blog was over a week ago and it still hasn't changed to 13 for my number of email subscribers. Thanks.

  7. To clarify for everyone, I'm not saying that every issue listed here is the result of people subscribing and unsubscribing. There is an issue with the cached "total" number updating. Some of you are obviously dealing with that. Don't think that I am misunderstanding the situation there. It's annoying, believe me, I know!

    But there are also people who are FAR more likely to be dealing with the normal fluctuations of subscriptions/unsubscriptions.

    I'm reporting back the the dev team every time we get new info posted on the thread. I realize that to non-programmers (and I count myself in that basket) something like updating a number seems like a simple thing to fix. But sadly, it is rarely that simple.

    I appreciate your patience.

  8. I wasn't being negative (as hard as that's been LOL), by the way. Thanks for doing what you can and communicating it, Rootjosh.

  9. Yes thanks for trying! FYI I've "lost " my first 10 followers - every time I get a new one, I loose the first ones I had. I'm really hoping its the glitch and not my blog lol! And it rarely shows me that I've got a new follower, sometimes the little new follower sign shows up but mostly not.

  10. Thanks for all your help, STAFF!

  11. Oh my gosh! You fixed it! Every follower intact and accounted for! Thank you thank you thank you!

  12. I'm still short 2 - WP followers who subscribed by email. Been 8 days and finally the last two Tumblr followers show.

  13. The problem that in my case arose after the original issue looks fine now, the first of my followers recovered.

  14. My mistake: am still short 1. Same deal, WP follower (not Tumblr, not email subscriber outside WP).

  15. So glad to hear that some bloggers' followers are fixed!

    Sadly, mine is still short....and they're both followers via WP, as fellow bloggers.

  16. Though I caught up on a lot of the following today, I'm back to the drawing board. I know a difference of 1 doesn't alarm Staff, Rootjosh, but it's exactly as I've said. I've been off minimally by 1 the last few months and everyday the gap widens. When it accordions back to the -1, it'll widen yet again.

  17. Mine has been and still is off by 20+ for my site at

    I'm off by 10+ over at

  18. Forgot to mention: when I go in and count my subscribers, the numbers are correct. They're just not adding up when displayed.

    I know you guys are working on this. I just wanted to keep you updated.

    Thanks for all you're doing!

  19. For real? Numbers and names add up. Will keep an eye on it but I am floored. Thank you.

  20. Thanks for the reports everyone. Keep them coming.

  21. I have the same issue as authorgkadams (just in case I wasn't clear before). When I count the WordPress and email subscribers I come up with 35 followers. But the widget on our home page says "Join 33 other followers."

    Thank you, rootjosh, for all the work you and your team are doing!

  22. Sigh, it in fact was too good to be true. The perfect numbers held over the wknd and now fall short by 1 again - yes, not accounting for a WP blogger who subscribed by email.

  23. Short but sweet! It's happening again. I gain new followers and lose the old. The numbers aren't changing again either. Sigh.

  24. Sigh, it in fact was too good to be true. The perfect numbers held over the wknd and now fall short by 1 again - yes, not accounting for a WP blogger who subscribed by email.

    Just out of curiosity, were they already following you via the WP reader?

  25. I'm not understanding, RJ. They (WP bloggers) tap to follow either off the Reader or by email, as you know. When a blogger does the latter, (s)he would show up on my Stats list by name but not affect the numerical count.

    1) Today my count is perfect. (Unbelievable.) Numbers match names.

    I just noticed that I received follow notification by email on the 8 most recent subscribers who show on my Stats list. Either all 8 subscribed to read me off the Reader or for the first time in months I am now also getting notification of subscribers who chose to follow via email (an issue that apparently resolved with the follow count).

    In case you'd like to confirm that the people I haven't been getting notice of are followers who want to read me by email (as it seems tied to the Count issue for me):

    This follower is no. 9 on my most recent list:

    whose follow I did not get an email notice.

    Sorry if I confused you. Filled out the info in case it helps the sleuths.
    Thank you so much.

  26. Update for RJ: My numbers are still holding and apparently

    Either all 8 subscribed to read me off the Reader.

    Meaning, it is not the case that: "for the first time in months I am now also getting notification of subscribers who chose to follow via email."
    (I am still seeing new subscribers by name on my list on whose follow I got no word.)

    I'm not asking you to work on the email notif. Just reporting that in fact that's not something for you to have to think about here.

    Thank you.

    What is relevant is that my numbers are perfect at the moment.

  27. Now we have an actual follower count (WP and email) of 40, but the home page counter says "Join 39 other followers." So instead of being off by two, it's off by one.

  28. My numbers are still holding.

  29. I believe my numbers are still slightly off at:

    On the bright side I'm getting e-mail notifications again! :)

  30. < I meant. Sorry for the typo.

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