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Followers issue

  1. @RJ, How do I email happiness engineers for support as a Premium blogger on an issue OM and I have had since last night? Can't find the open door...

  2. Update: my followers count is right on. Amazing.

  3. @RJ, How do I email happiness engineers for support as a Premium blogger on an issue OM and I have had since last night? Can't find the open door...

    I have responded on your other thread.

  4. Rootjosh----we are actually up to 42 followers now but our counter still is off by two. It says "40 followers" on the main page.

    Glad to hear that there's been a correction for some folks!

  5. My follower count lags again, at the moment, by 2.

    And the last two days, I noticed as I have many times, that the Followers count on the lower left of the Stats (under Totals) would say one thing but then once I tapped that number to pull up the breakdown list, the number in the ( ) would be short by one:
    Site Stats >> My Followers >> ( )

    So though my followers count had held last wk, this discrepancy 2 days ago alerted me that something funny could happen again.

  6. My follower count has been a bit strange too. I guess I just write and write write and I try to add and read other peoples posts but I rarely get any follows back or anyone who reads my articles. It seems to go up and down very strangely, sometimes I have 40 and another I have 6...

  7. My count is widening from the correct mark and the first of my followers are being bumped off the Stats list again.

  8. Update: yesterday the numbers were correct. This morning, the WP followers (not those who subscribe by email or from Tumblr) count is short 2 from the names listed.

  9. Counts that wander and then become accurate again within a 24 hour (or so) window are probably due to caching and would be expected.

  10. Hi rootjosh and everyone!

    Well, our counter is stuck at 40. But when I count each WP blog follower and email follower we're at 43. Which is most excellent for us....but it still isn't showing up on our main page in the following box! Our newest follower followed us almost 4 days ago..but if I hadn't checked the actual listing I wouldn't have known.

    I know this must be a tough one to figure out...but I sure appreciate that your team is working on it!

  11. Rootjosh--

    I wanted to let you know about a connected issue of mine to this thread. I am part of TOS Review Crew this year, and hope to be next year. For the past year, their requirement was that a blogger had to have 25 followers to participate as a reviewer. For 2014, the requirement is being upped to 50 followers.

    I'm working on that part (increasing our followers) but here is my dilemma: my blog still says I have only 40 followers. When I hand-count them, I have 29 WP followers and 15 email followers. So our numbers are inching up...but the Follow box on our main page still only says 40, not the actual 44.

    Applications to re-up for the Review Crew ought to come out for us in mid-November. It would be a great gift if my numbers could show the actual count by then.....if your staff could isolate the problem! I know they will believe me when I tell them how many I have plus the count issue WP is having....but you get the picture.

    Thanks so much, in advance!

  12. mwfinchwren,

    Your number should be correct now.

  13. Rootjosh---you are right, they are!!

    I'm very grateful. Thank you for your help!

  14. patruppel997920134

    I'm having the same problem with my WordPress follower count. It's stuck on 11 even though it shows 14. I've deactivated and reactivated my Jetpack subscriber plugin but didn't fix it.

    Can you tell me what the problem is? I understand their were duplicates and the count change resulted from this correction but don't understand the discrepancy in the follower count in my WordPress followers.

    Thank you -- my site is

  15. patruppel997920134

    I see where it has now been corrected. Don't know what you guys did but thanks a lot. You're the best!

  16. My numbers match the names on my Stats page, but while liking and commenting on my posts Oct 23 and 24, this blogger

    followed me BOTH days and never showed up on my Stats list. I got email notification on both follows.

    When this happened some months back with another blogger (though it was just a single follow, not double), Staff said the blogger probably changed his mind after following, and so didn't make the list.

    So I can imagine this reader could've done that the first time, on the 23rd, but change his mind twice? And neither time show up on my Stats?

  17. Hi AGAIN! my follower count is off by 10 again but at least this time I get to keep my first followers. Any update on this?

  18. patruppel997920134

    I thought it was fixed but just noticed my WordPress follower count is still not correct with the # of followers on the list.

    My site is

  19. @Holistic Wayfarer That user is not currently following your site.

    @Found This Painted That Your count in the widget and in your Site Stats are showing the same number for me - 276, and those counts are correct as compared to the list of followers.

    @Pat - Please note that Jetpack sites do not include the number of Facebook, Twitter, or other publicize followers as part of the total follower count as they do on If this doesn't explain your issue, please open a new thread so we can take a look, or contact Jetpack support here:

    Because this thread has gotten very lengthy and the original issue has been resolved, I'm going to close it. If anyone is still having any trouble with their follower count, please open a new thread, so we can take a look. Thanks! :)

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