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followers list!

  1. i want the list of people with their gravaters who are following me in my blog. can anyone please help??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Go to your stats page and click on followers.

  3. im sorry but unable to do it.can u be more specific... i mean i checked out stats page but cant see 'followers' there????

  4. Cant be more specific than that. It tells you how many followers you have on the stats page near the bottom, you just click on the link.

  5. thanks!

  6. site stats page illustration > Totals, Followers & Shares

  7. @timetheif this is for that we are able to know about our followers but i want to list them on my blog . is it possible

  8. You can only show no. of followers on the follow blog widget.
    Go to Widgets > Follow blog widget > edit > show number of followers and save.
    I don't see any other way of displaying your followers along with their name and faces.

  9. Donot use number of followers if i want to show all the followers at a time . is it possible to list all the followers with divided into pages

  10. Uh, no. You're thinking of Blogspot.

  11. Looks like many blogers have resuested this simple function for a long time.It's very common on some other sites, like facebook, twitter, etc. WordPress should not ignore it.

  12. RThe naswer has already been provided above. site stats page illustration > Totals, Followers & Shares Simply click "followers" and there you have it.

  13. @timetheif how much followers we are able to show on the blog .

  14. None. They don't show on the blog.

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