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Followers need to be copied from wp.COM site to wp.ORG site.

  1. Okay, I will let them know. I see that you joined my site. I am going to try to make a post later this evening so that you can get a new update. I signed up for another wp account just to test things out and I didn't receive emails under my account. I had to use my email even though I requested to get email updates from my settings.

    OK, just to clarify further, subscribers will only see your new posts in their Readers after the migration. If they want to receive email notifications, they need to subscribe explicitly via the email subscription widget on your blog. Unfortunately, it is not possible for them to enable email subscriptions for Jetpack blogs in the Reader at the moment (contrary to what I wrote earlier, apologies for the confusion).

    To summarize: after the migration, old email subscribers will continue to receive email notifications as before. followers will only see new posts in the Reader and need to subscribe on your new site for email notifications if they want those, as well.

    I cannot see my followers on the self-hosted site. It only displays email followers. I click the wp link and it will fresh only showing email followers. the WP link never highlights.

    Just to confirm, what do you see when you click this link:

    It should bring up the list of subscribers for you. Does show the email subscribers instead?

    I am wondering if another plugin on your site conflicts with Jetpack. Could you please try deactivating all plugins except for Jetpack and see if you can then view your subscribers? If you can, then by reactivating your plugins one by one will reveal the plugin that conflicts.

  2. Okay, thank you for clearing that up.

    I deactivated all plugins save for Jetpack and when I click the link I still can only see email subscribers.

  3. I just updated Jetpack and it is now displaying followers in my stats.

  4. Hooray, mystery resolved! :)

  5. Thanks, Jenia! So I was looking at the list and I was planning to reach out to the users individually, however some of them don't have blogs, just accounts. I can't contact them to make them aware of an update. I was able to locate one because her gravatar profile included contact info and she confirmed that she wasn't receiving updates from the new site.

    So, could I request that my followers be temporarily moved back to the site so that I can make an announcement post that they'd receive normally. A number of them were fairly frequent posters. After I make that post we can move them back. We're almost there!

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  7. We can do that, but to be honest, moving and then moving back has never really been done before. As far as I can tell you'll be the first.

    From just the first tests, it looks like your subscribers may lose their specific email settings for the subscription, and you may lose some subscribes.

    Moving back to the .org blog a second time after all that increases the risk.

    It may work, it may not, but in cases like this, I'd prefer to play it safe and not move the subscribers again.

    If you have specific followers who should be receiving emails but are not, please ask them to check their email settings for the subscription at!/read/edit/

    If you have specific followers who do not see your blog in the Reader, please let me know one or two usernames so I can investigate that directly.

  8. The problem is that I can't contact certain people because they have gravatar accounts which don't provide contact links to any emails or blogs. Is there a workaround for this?

  9. Unfortunately, no. As part of our privacy policy, we don't display the email addresses for any followers who have subscribed with their accounts.

  10. Okay, so how am I supposed to make them aware that my site has changed? I was able to locate one gravatar user elsewhere and she said she hadn't been receiving updates for the new site. How are they supposed to receive updates?

  11. Ok, would you please give me that username so I can investigate the issue directly?

  12. Can I give you all of them?

  13. Are these the ones who confirmed that they are not seeing your blog updates in Reader, or not receiving emails, or both?

    (this list should be fine, I don't need more)

  14. I have no means of reaching those users to know. I was only able to reach one, sharonstonger (I didn't list her because I was able to contact her elsewhere and she's now signed up via email instead). I am assuming they are in a similar state as she was because they have not commented since the transfer. A number of them used to comment semi-regularly.

  15. Added modlook tag. Post above is newest

  16. Ok, I looked into the users you listed, and they are all following the blog via the Reader as an RSS feed, so they don't have any email options.

    This can happen if Jetpack is disabled at the time we make the transfer, or if you're using a very outdated version of Jetpack.

    In this case, they would need to unfollow and re-follow the blog.

    If you post, they won't receive an email, but they'll still see it in their Reader, so you can still notify them by making a new post.

    (also, there's no need to keep adding the modlook tag)

  17. The thing is, I don't believe that was their previous setting when I was under wordpress. They likely don't check the readers and are expecting email notifications. That's how it was for sharonstonger.

  18. At this point, there is no way to undo whatever happened. They were reverted to standard RSS subscriptions during the transfer, which usually happens if Jetpack is either disabled or very outdated during the transfer.

    I'd recommend just making a post, and they might notice. Some had quite a few non-email subscriptions, so they probably still check their Reader.

  19. thanks

  20. You're welcome!

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