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Followers of a static pages site

  1. reachingwomenforchrist

    Hi. I'm not sure about how the 'follow' button works when the site consists solely of static pages. Would a 'follower' be emailed when a new static page was added or an existing static page amended?

    Thank you for your help.
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  2. There are many differences between Pages and Posts. The most outstanding one is that pages are for static content that rarely changes. They do not automatically update and they do not have RSS Feeds. Hence, no one can subscribe to them. Read more here >

  3. reachingwomenforchrist

    Hi. Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply.
    The question arose because the 'follow' button appeared in the bottom right-hand corner of the static front page - all by itself. It was eventually removed by toggling the 'Follower Settings' checkbox on and then off. In the meantime a reader had seen it and liked it. It was whilst composing an email explaining that 'follow' did not work on static pages that doubt set in!
    Thanks again for your help.

  4. You're welcome and best wishes.

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