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    When I add a post, my followers receive an email which contains the whole post, so they don’t have to visit the site. I thought we want to draw people to our site, so they can peruse the whole thing. Is there a way that the emails would just contain a message about a new post, with a link to the post?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not sure, but you can truncate your RSS feeds under Settings->Reading. That may or may not affect emails, though.



    You can go here > Settings > Reading and choose the RSS feed setting for “summary” and then click “save changes”. Then your subscribers will get only the begiinings of posts.

    If you want even more control then you can insert “the more tag” into post exactly where you want the content split to occur.


    Thanks, I’ll try that, raincoaster.


    Hey, thanks for hepping me to the “more tag”, timethief.



    @breakfastintoronto, the more tag that TT mentioned does work in the emails. My articles were being emailed in full until I started using the more tag and now only the beginning section gets emailed. I actually have my RSS settings for the full post just to make it easier for readers.



    You’re welcome. There’s even more if you want to hear it. If you use a theme that has an active excerpt box then you can create a custom excerpt and if you want you can even include a small thumbnail image in it.

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