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    I am the owner of For the past few months my followers have increased from 800 to 1177 and it’s been growing steadily. Suddenly last week it dropped to 23. What happened? I need your help desperately. I can’t believe that many people would suddenly stop following me overnight.

    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    Sorry about that! We recently changed Publicize, and it messed up the follower accounts.

    You can fix it by doing the following:

    * Publishing something and Publicizing it out to those services. The number is automatically refreshed each time you Publicize something, so the next time you publish, it should fix itself magically
    * If you can’t wait, then just disconnect and reconnect each service, which will also force the number to be refreshed.


    Many thanks. That worked perfectly.


    Great! I’m glad it worked. Have a good day!

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