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    I am aware that I cannot delete followers on a public blog. It kind of bugs me because the people who have followed me in the past month are all people that have connection to me or what I blog about. One is for making money while blogging, others are just truly strange. Why do they follow me? Is it because they hope I’ll follow them? (I won’t).
    I’m just curious. There are subscribers I don’t know, but I can see the connection – but in the last 5 weeks the only people following are ones that make no sense. What’s changed? (It never happened before.)


    That first sentence should say they have NO connection to me or what I write about.



    Those who have unrelated commercial sites and who click like buttons on your posts do that so other readers will click their gravatars, connect to their gtravatar profile pages and then click into their blogs.



    Sorry to bud in on this post, but I’m boggled by the same thing as ‘beautifulbattlefield’. I understand why our blogs our being ‘fake liked’, so as to draw attention and thus traffic to these commercial bloggers, but what good does all that traffic & visits do for these commercial bloggers?
    Are there bloggers among us who get taken in by the promise of whatever scheme these commercial bloggers are trying to sell? I hope not.


    I agree with you snapshot. I see comments on some of these sites saying, “thanks for liking my blog”, and it seems then they just reciprocate whether it makes sense or not. I guess some people just “need” followers – whether for validation for a contest or program, or whatever. Just seems strange and I wish there was a way I could prevent these type of followers.

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