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    This is the only feature that I would like WordPress to incorporate into blogs. My other suggestion regarding knowing who subscribed to my blog was addressed this year (thank you). The ‘Like’ button is cool but I hope the ‘Followers’ widget (as seen in Blogger) would be adopted in the near future.



    There have been quite a few postings on this subject, with no answer. From what I perceive there are high-minded opinions about the inappropriateness of this type of widget, then there are some comments from individuals who want to build such widgets (but none available). And a number of postings on the subject are now closed to comments – with nothing solved but the passage of time. I am surprised! I rather expected more from people who have built such an otherwise enlightened platform.
    Can you not see that a functional followers widget is not just a statement about who is following – but also a shortcut to exploring others who are following, finding out their topics of interest? So it is of use to other followers and the blog poster in getting to know the audience…


    The reasons a follower’s widget has not been implemented here is only known to staff. Many of us have an opinion on them, but as with any widget, those of us who would so choose can simply not use one.

    Contact staff and ask why they have not implemented one. You might get an actual answer, but you might also get something to the effect, “that is on our list of things requested features and we will be discussing it sometime in the future.” Sort of a non-answer answer.


    I want this widget too. Hope we’ll have this feature soon.

    Thank you WordPress. :)


    I too am in agreement. would loooove to have this as an available widget. THANK YOU!


    Please please please include this widget! That way I wont accidentally send my posts to people who already read it….



    It’s a nice thought..but won’t be using followers widget. It’s enough I visit blogs for legitimate commenters on my blogs.

    Oh I forgot…I will be creating and writing for a 4th blog. Have also a full-time job. Life is short, precious and in digital age, requires declutter and refocus on people who we really care, that’s my motto for myself.

    Nice to know that people in India look at my blogs..if they would give me legitimate comments.



    IMHO followers widgets are useless sidebar “tat” (decorative and distracting sidebar clutter that serves no actual function). I do not use the followers widgets I have from other sites now and iIf one is introduced here at wordpress.com I will not use it.

    One one hand, the “like” feature on below each post displays the avatars/gravatars of people who actually clicked in read the post and rated it as “likable”. The avatars/gravatars below my posts communicate who my community members actually are. They contribute directly to my blog and I aim to serve their needs. The number of “likes” on any given post communicates which posts are of high interest ie. popular topics and which are not. That’ assists me when it comes to selecting topics for content creation.

    On the other hand, a followers widget depicts a sea of avatars/gravatars of people who may or may not be actually reading my blog posts, commenting on them and “liking” them. IMHO all these bragging widgets do is create a false sense of “community”, while providing a distraction in the sidebar that draws the eyes and mind away from my content.

    WordPress.com Followeers Widget – Do not need! Do not want! Thanks for listening.



    I agree with timethief.

    If people want to keep track of their “followers”, there’s always Facebook Pages…


    Certainly a must have! Waiting for it…



    I have even blogged on this .. lol :D
    WordPress.com Followers Widget: No Thanks

    I’m not a novice blogger. I’m aware that the trendy and ubiquitous Follower’s widgets are sidebar “tat” have no actual value. Moreover, their use can result in:
    1. destroying blog design by creating an amateurish appearance;
    2. distracting readers’ eyes and minds away from my content;
    3. slowing page loading time and it’s a page ranking factor;
    4. indexing problems. Most blogs have a sidebar appearing on every page and not just the front page, and some search engine spiders stop indexing when they reach 100 – 115 links on any given page. Everyone of those little avatars/gravatars is a link.

    I love followers (who doesn’t?) but I do not add a widget to my blog unless it:
    1. improves the functionality of my site by providing reader access to deeper content that is not located on the front page of my blog;
    2. or it redirects readers to high quality sources of relevant information found in authoritative blogs in the same niche my own blog is in.


    thank you, timethief. I am in the process of creating my very first blog and want it to be as clean as possible. Your comments were tremendously helpful. :-)

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