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    My blog is public and that’s the way I want it to be.
    I understand that some people may want or need to have private blogs.

    But private blogs shouldn’t be following others that aren’t allowed (invited) to follow them! It seams to me this is a matter of respect and basic Ethics!

    Could there be a way of blocking a private blog from following us (at least without asking for it)?

    Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    If your blog is public, it is technically for the entire population to see, creepers and private people included – they just won’t all be watching at the same time. Nevertheless, you’ve invited them. If you want to shield someone’s eyes, you can’t lock their front door – you have to lock yours.



    It’s obvious to me that I didn’t make myself clear, and I’m sorry about that, but please no paternalism! ;)
    I know exactly what a public blog is – and the «risks» involved – and that’s exactly the way I want mine to be, otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging in the first place.

    I’ve had different blogs before, all of them public – and not only on WP, but WP is simply still the best!
    I’m not complaining here, I’m just suggesting an improvement.

    As you know, anybody can find public posts through search engines. More than that, within WP anybody can see any public post simply by browsing topics in the reader, no need to be a WP blog follower at all.
    Also, people can have any blog they choose in their (private or public) blogroll and people can subscribe to any blog they choose to receive notifications by email…
    There are lots of possibilities for anybody to see the contents of a public blog and that’s fine with me as far as my blog is concerned! :)

    My issue is about equality, coherence, fairness, principles, whatever we may call it.
    If somebody has a private blog, no matter what reasons for it, that’s his/her right.
    If somebody wants to have only invited followers, that’s his/her right too.

    But then, and when it comes to WP blog followers, people who have private blogs can choose who to follow them – only by invitation – but they can also choose whom to follow – no invitation at all needed – and that’s the point! They can invite and they don’t need to be invited, which basically means they get a special treatment. That’s not fair and that’s not coherent.

    I think we should have the option of rejecting followers who have private blogs which we are not invited to, that’s all.
    They could still see our contents, if they wanted to and by any other mean of their choice, but wouldn’t be in our blog followers list and wouldn’t get our posts in their reader unless having to search for them through the topics.


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    I don’t understand why you would object to having any kind of followers? Are the private blog owners being abusive?



    I hadn’t thought of that, but since you raise the question, the truth is I don’t know, as I can’t visit their blog…
    In this particular case anyway, I believe they are not being abusive, not in the usual sense of «abuse».
    On the other hand, if they can follow blogs that cannot follow them back, that might be somehow considered as an abuse – at least surely as a privilege!

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