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    I recently noticed I wasn’t getting many emails from blogs I’d subscribed to. Then, the last time I signed up to follow a blog, I got a message that it would show up on my “reader” – something I hadn’t heard about before – and was redirected to a collection of old blogs (presumably the ones I’d been expecting to get via email).

    I appreciate all the wonderful services of WordPress, but I wonder when the default for following a blog changed to “reader” and whether I need to visit the reader periodically to make sure no more blogs have reverted to that rather than “follow by email”.

    I’m one of those lazy folks that seldom visit websites and prefer individual email messages to collections, whether by email or on a site. I also forward emails on a regular basis to a number of folks like me.

    p.s. I looked at the ‘managing’ page on my reader and checked off instant (rather than daily or weekly) emails, only to find out I need to sign up for something called “jabber” and go to their site to see posts from blogs I follow. This is getting way too complicated. Is there a simple way just to get the posts via email like we used to?


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