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    A while ago WordPress changed the ”subscribe” to ”following”, which enables following various blogs, not only the ones run by wordpress. However, I have 2 problems with it:
    – Some blogs can’t seem to be followed – either it says that ”an RSS or Atom feed could not be found for that blog” or it does add it to the list, but the posts don’t show up.
    – Lately some posts have been showing up double.

    Does anyone else have these problems, what can I do about them?


    Hmm, that sounds strange. Can you let me know some of the sites that you’re trying to add which are showing the “feed not found” error?

    Are posts still showing as duplicated? If so, is this happening for all posts or just for specific ones? Thanks!



    @andrew – my reader now has many blog posts that are showing up double not just the one – is this a new way of flagging articles you think I should pay extra attention to?? :)


    Yes, some posts are still showing as duplicated, but not all of them, just from specific blogs. I checked just in case if I have a double subscription to these particular blogs (which has happened to me before), but I don’t.

    Two examples of the sites that I’m trying to follow but I can’t: (”feed not found”) (this one is listed among the blogs I follow, but the posts don’t show up)


    Great, thanks for the details. Looks like the duplicate item issue is one we’re aware of and working on. It’s a strange bug but we’re on it. :)

    @squeezetheday I’ll take a look into those second two URLs and we’ll try to get this all fixed up.



    Yes, it seems I’m having double subscriptions too.

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